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Timing Sports revolutionised the timing landscape when we arrived on the scene in mid-2005 and we’ve been delivering a quality timing experience to events ever since. Our clients trust us to give them results with no dramas and this is one of the reasons our business has grown consistently over the years. Our existing customers simply don’t want to go anywhere else.

We take nothing for granted, however, and constant innovation has seen us the first to introduce new technologies such as Chronotrack & Ipico timing systems, tiktok results and iPad and iPhone based spotter information systems.

We currently offer two primary technologies for active events; disposable bib mounted tags and reusable shoe tags. Read on for more information …

Comes as standard …

Chronotrack // Disposable Tags

Timing Sports successfully introduced the Chronotrack UHF disposable tag system to Australia in May 2011 and it quickly becoming the gold standard solution for running events. Chronotrack enjoy a virtual monopoly of major events in the USA including the 20 of the 25 largest events in the country and Timing Sports have extended that market domination to Australia and New Zealand.

The Chronotrack bib tag is placed vertically on the back of the race number. For the timing system to be completely effective, the participant need do nothing more than pin their race number to their chest as normal. Timing Sports can supply these transponders on peel-and-stick rolls, ready for application to the back of your race numbers. Alternatively, we can supply a ready-to-serve, 190mm square, tyvek race number (MOQ 5,000 units) with the transponders already attached – and at a very competitive price. For the ultimate in one-stop ease and convenience with the assurance tags have been correctly applied, this deal is hard to beat.

IPICO // Re-usable Tags

Our recommended solution for reusable tags for running events is our Ipico technology with Timing Sports reusable shoe tags. Timing Sports have timed over one million athletes over the last five years using this technology. It is a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution and can cater for start, finish and intermediate split points of anywhere from 2.4 metres in width up to 19.7 metres.

With any reusable option, tag recovery is important although, crucially, Timing Sports do not charge a penalty fee provided organisers’ recovery procedures meet minimum standards. The means our clients enjoy surety of knowing exactly how much their re-usable timing service will cost in advance without any nasty and unexpected follow-up charges.

Our Clients

A small selection – in date order – of the excellent events we are proud to serve.

The Big Six

Each year, The Sun Herald City2Surf takes 85,000 participants on a 14km journey from Hyde Park in the Sydney CBD to the legendary golden beach at Bondi. It is the world’s largest running event and the time it takes to get underway means Timing Sports staff at the start line have typically recorded less than half the starters when the winner crosses the finish line.

Queensland’s biggest running event, Bridge to Brisbane, is a 5km and 10km fun run for over 40,000 participants. The long-course option starts on the southern side of the famous Gateway Bridge and the most demanding climb of the race is reaching the apex of the famous structure. The 5km joins the course on Kingsford-Smith Drive and the race finishes at the R&A Showgrounds in Bowen Hills.

.West Australia’s largest running event, the City to Surf has grown from a 12km fun run to a running festival covering every distance from 4km all the way up to a full marathon for over 40,000 participants. Australia’s richest prize purse has attracted top runners from around the world to Perth for the last Sunday in August. The event starts under the towering skyscrapers of downtown Perth and finishes near the beach at City Oval

Victoria’s biggest running event is a celebration of everything that is good about the running community. The event is a fundraiser for children’s charities and over 33,000 Victorians have responded by taking part in the 4km short-course or 14km long-course events. The event has sold out in each of the last three years and includes a unique run through the Domain Tunnel and across the Bolte Bridge.

Australasia’s largest full marathon field compete for what is, unarguably, Australasia’s most prestigious marathon title. But it isn’t all about the long stuff as a total field of almost 25,000 competes at distances from 2km to 42km in a two-day festival of running held on the golden shores of Australia’s most fabulous beaches.

New Zealand’s largest participation event, Round the Bays takes over 30,000 runners on a scenic trip along Tamaki Drive from Auckland city to St Heliers beach. The event is an institution amongst Aucklanders with one of the highest proportions of business, club and family teams of any race worldwide. The after-race BBQ is almost as famous as the event itself!

No job too small. No job too big.

Equipment prep for the Gold Coast Marathon. With two start lines, one finish line, eleven split points and an athlete check-out (all live to the web) plus nine synchronised race clocks … it’s a big day.

Equipment Hire

Timing Sports have a large selection of large format LCD race clocks for hire, both in New Zealand and Australia. Also, in association with our partners, we can offer a wide range of event related equipment for hire including:

  • Generators
  • PA Systems
  • Portable Stage
  • Fencing
  • Inflatable Arches
  • Gazebos

For more information, please use our contract form.

Timing Sports have two types of race clock available for hire. Both are reliable, easy to use and available to hire on a per-weekend basis. Our clocks are very highly sought after and advanced booking is recommended. The exact clocks we have available will depend on the particular weekend you need them and your hire location.
Note that in Australia, we only hire within Sydney metro area and a minimum 2 clocks per hire applies.

Race Clocks

$200 per weekend (+ freight)

  • Single or Double-sided
  • Wired or Wireless remote
  • Tripods available free of charge
  • Ship/Collect from Auckland or Sydney


$350 per weekend

  • 3.6m x 3.6m
  • Suitable for outdoor events
  • New Zealand only
  • Pick up/return from Albany, Auckland

You know Timing Sports are in town when …

Tag Use & Return


In order to receive an accurate time with your Chronotrack bib tag, please confirm your bib is:

  • Clearly visible on the front of the torso.
  • Unaltered and unmodified – do not fold or wrinkle
  • Pinned in all four corners.
  • Not covered by: Jackets, runner belts, water bottles, etc.

Ipico Tag

Your timing tag should be tied into the laces of your shoes. It doesn’t matter which foot you put it on, but it is very important that the tag sits flat on the top of your foot and not bouncing around or dangling on the side of your foot. This is because the orientation of the tag relative to the ground (and the timing mats) determines how likely it is to be properly recorded. If the tag isn’t sitting in an approximately flat position on top of your foot, it may not register at all and you may not get a result.

The video above shows how to correctly tie your tag into your laces for optimum comfort and security.

Tag Return

It is important to return the timing tag loaned to you by Timing Sports. Just pop it in a regular envelope and send it to;
Timing Sports – Tag Return,
PO Box 30-1431,
Albany 0752
… you don’t need to include a note. Timing Sports will scan the tag and record its safe return.

About Timing Sports …

Timing Sports have been at the vanguard of race timing in Australia and New Zealand since 2005. Whilst timing technology has changed and competitors have come-and-gone, our commitment to our customers has not wavered. That’s why we’ve enjoyed uninterrupted responsibility for the finest events on the continent for the last decade. The Sydney City2Surf – the world’s biggest running event; the Gold Coast Marathon – the most prestigous footrace in Australasia; Auckland Round the Bays – the largest mass participation event in New Zealand.

These fine events have one thing in common, they are all timed by Timing Sports.

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